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Draw With Light Kids' 11" Learning Tablet & Magic Writing Board


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While you certainly want to promote your child's creativity, truth be told you're a little tired of scrubbing stains off the furniture, covering marks on the wall with paint, and throwing your kiddo in the bathtub after every art session. Here's a wonderfully clean, awesomely neat craft for your kids that is not only going to let them explore their inner artist, but leaves no mess behind. This Draw With Light features a tablet with a light-accumulating covering. With the "flashlight" marker, your little Picasso can draw to his or her delight directly onto the tablet. On the other end of the marker is a pen with special ink that appears only under the light of the flashlight (this should only be used on plain paper!). Drawings disappear after about 30 to 40 minutes so they can start all over again! So save your surroundings and your fridge door space and get this great art set!

  • Leaves no marks or stains
  • Develops drawing skills and creativity
  • Special tablet with a light-accumulating coating
  • Double-ended marker features luminous flashlight pen on one end for use on the tablet and special ink on the other to be used on paper
  • Brightness and clarity of artwork will depend on pressure and angle of pen
  • Images disappear after 30 to 40 minutes
  • Includes:
  • 11" tablet with a light-accumulating covering
  • Luminous pen for drawing
  • Alpha/numeric stencil
  • Instruction manual