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50' Expanding Tangle-Free Outdoor Garden Hose


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Working in the yard can be very rewarding and relaxing. But if you don't have the right supplies, it can quickly become frustrating. Skip the frustrating part and get yourself this expanding outdoor hose. It has a super-cool lightweight design that expands to up to 50' and never kinks or tangles. That means no need to struggle to unwind or detangle and no more pulling the muscles in your back trying to lug it around! How sweet is that? Just add your own spray nozzle, and you will be thanking the heavens on the next hot day for this great tool.

  • Includes hose only. Spray nozzle is not included.
  • Made from high-quality material
  • Hose expands up to 50', depending on the pressure
  • Never kinks or tangles
  • Lightweight design to prevent back strain: weighs 13oz