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4-Pack: LED Night-Light Outlet Covers


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You want your home to be more accessible at night when all the lights are off, but you don't want to waste outlet space with a ton of night-lights. That's why you need these LED Night-Light Outlet Covers. Just swap these in for your standard wall plates, and you're good to go with just the right amount of light where you need it most no need to plug anything in, no need to hire an electrician, and no need to pay a huge electric bill. Don't miss out on this smart deal!

  • Includes 4 duplex-style outlet covers with built-in LEDs
  • Sensors automatically turn lights on (when it's dark) and off (when it's not!)
  • Snaps right on no brackets, barriers, mounts, or wires required
  • Does not heat up like standard night-lights
  • Compatible with standard duplex outlets (will not work with switched, USB, or GFCI outlets)