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2-Pack: Flexible Drill Bit Shafts


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Make drilling 10x easier with this 2-pack of Flexible Drill Bit Shafts. Their bendable and flexible construction allows you to effortlessly drill in tighter spaces. The outer shield is designed to protect your hand while the interior shaft rotates, making it safe to use in all areas. This innovative tool is compact, durable, and gets the job done efficiently. Don't miss out on this superb deal today!

  • Includes 2 drill bit shafts
  • Made from plastic and metal
  • Flexible and bendable construction allows for drilling in tight spaces
  • Outer shield protects your hand while inside shaft rotates
  • Durable construction for a long-lasting experience
  • Measures 12" x 0.25"
  • Length: approx. 290mm
  • Connection hex shank drill site size 6.35mm (1/4)
  • Connecting parts of the batch hex size 6.35mm (1/4)